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Transfer of players: New guidelines on claims for training compensation and solidarity mechanism released

A new set of guidelines aimed at improving the process of how claims for training compensation and solidarity mechanism is done has been released by the world’s soccer governing body, FIFA.

The more up to-date system will replace the current paper based process.

The new guidelines will create an adequate system to properly manage claims through the Transfer Matching System (TMS) which all Member Associations are familiar with.

The new system will come into effect on 1st October, 2015.

The new procedure will lead to a more effective way of handling claims and is closely related to the existing handling of applications in relation to the protection of minors.

In this new framework, another measure has been taken by FIFA to ensure a more efficient procedure concerning claims related to training compensation and the solidarity mechanism, is the creation of a subcommittee appointed by the Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) which is composed of all members of the DRC each of whom is able to pass a decision as a single judge.



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