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Uganda Secures Gritty 1-0 Win Against Rwanda, Advance to CECAFA U18 Championship Final

In a thrilling display of today morning, Uganda U18 Boys national team clinched a hard-fought 1-0 victory against Rwanda in the semifinals of the CECAFA U18 Boys Championship. The decisive goal was netted by Mayanja Abubaker in the early minutes of the final half, propelling Uganda into the much-anticipated final against hosts, Kenya scheduled for Friday afternoon.

The match unfolded with high intensity, showcasing the fierce competition between the two sides. Despite Uganda’s dominance on the field, particularly in the first half, the team faced a challenge in converting numerous opportunities into goals. Nevertheless, their unwavering perseverance paid off when Mayanja Abubaker capitalized on a crucial chance, securing the lead that ultimately propelled Uganda into the championship final.

“We face a team that was really good and physical, but we planned well and eventually became victorious.” Morley Byekwaso during postmatch interview.

The encounter was marked by relentless efforts from both teams, with Uganda displaying resilience and tactical superiority throughout the game. Uganda’s ability to maintain composure under pressure and capitalize on key moments proved pivotal in securing their berth in the final clash.

With their eyes set on the championship title, Uganda now gears up for the upcoming final, poised to bring their A-game to the field once again.

“I can’t speak much about the final because we are still full of the previous match. We need to go back and lay strategy to address the most dangerous opponents.” Morley commented about his expectations ahead of the final game. The journey to the final has been marked by remarkable performances and unwavering dedication from the Ugandan squad despite losing the tourney opener against Tanzania, setting the stage for a captivating finale in the CECAFA U18 Boys Championship.

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