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Ugandan Football: Every human activity in the modern game requires expertise

Ugandan Football is a hospital where the ambulance driver undertakes brain surgery and is applauded by the gallery.

Modern Day Football is a highly technical practice that requires a lot of human expertise in;




Expertise is developed by experience and/or training. A brain Surgeon is prepared for over 10’s of years and so is a football player, coach, referee, administrator and any professional support staff. 

Many an occasion, you find individuals without any experience nor training, aggressively providing expert opinion on how to play, coach, officiate (as in refereeing) and administer the game.

1. A Journalist with hours of experience on air will inform the audience on how Arsene Wenger made mistakes in the team chosen or player signed and will be applauded by the audience.

2. A football administrator will dismiss a coach over failure to perform when the team is lacking basic needs and get applauds from the gallery.

3. A football fan will not buy a ticket or replica jersey but expect the referee to give a penalty to his team to win and will be applauded by the gallery

4. A Referee will make an ‘intended’ mistake that everyone at the match sees but himself and will explain using the 18th Law of the Game- the Common Sense Law.

5. A player will feel cheated for not being paid even when the club he is playing for does not make any income from his trade and will be applauded by the gallery.

6. A Coach will tell the media at the post match press conference of how his/her team lost because the referee was the 12th opponent player and will be applauded by the gallery.

We need to respect that every human activity in the modern game of football requires expertise gained over training and practice.

It is Our Game, It is Our Country.

The Author is

Hon. Eng. Magogo Moses Hassim

President of FUFA

CAF Executive

MP Budiope East

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