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Ugandan Referees receive FIFA badges for 2023

Ugandan Football referees have today received their FIFA Badges and equipment for this year.

A total of 24 referees from eleven-aside football, futsal and Beach Soccer were approved to get FIFA badges this year.

In the function held at FUFA Complex on Friday, FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim handed over the badges to the referees. National elite referees also attended the same event.

FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim speaking to referees.

He was flanked by FUFA 2nd Vice President Darius Mugoye, FUFA 3rd Vice President Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, FUFA Executive Committee Members Ronnie Kalema and Rogers Mulindwa.

FUFA 2nd Vice President Darius Mugoye (right) hands over FIFA badge to Okello Lee.
FUFA 3rd Vice President Hon.Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi hands the badge to referee Shamirah Nabadd.

Other dignitaries included FUFA Referees Standing Committee Chairperson Brian Miiro, FUFA Deputy CEO-Football Decolas Kiiza and Uganda Premier League CEO Bernard Bainamani.

FUFA EXCO Member Rogers Mulindwa speaking to the referees.

In his address to the referees, the President first reminded the referees about FUFA’s strategy that is hinged on three key pillars.

FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim.

“In our strategy as FUFA called the Hat trick, emphasis has been put on three key aspects namely; reaching every homestead, professionalization of the game and achieving world sporting excellence, ” he started.

“On the sporting side of the game, there are three key components; players, coaches and referees. Therefore, refereeing is a crucial in football development. So as referees, you must understand that you are part of development. When you fail, it is not me but rather football as a whole. Whenever you are on duty, you are judge that should be impartial.”

FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim hands a badge to Lucky Kasalirwe.

The President also took time to tell the referees to always stick to the principles and ethics of their calling.

“You are going to make mistakes because you are human but these three principles must be maintained at all times. Fitness, Integrity and Performance. When you’re a FIFA Referee you have to conduct yourself in a manner that befits an international Referee. Avoid being in situations that are going to expose you.”

FUFA EXCO Member Ronnie Kalema giving FIFA Beach Soccer Referee Ivan Kintu Bayige his badge.

He assured referees of protection whenever they do right but also told them disciplinary measures will be put into effect for intended mistakes.

”We have agreed to protect you whenever you’re right and we are proud of those moments you have taken correct decisions. We are all human beings that make mistakes but if someone makes a mistake intentionally then disciplinary measures have to be taken.” The President stressed.

Brian Miiro, the Chairperson of FUFA Referees Standing Committee told the referees to seize the opportunity and perform their duties with integrity at all times.

Brian Miiro Nsubuga, the Chairperson Referees Standing Committee.

”We have given out the FIFA badges to Futsal, Beach Soccer and eleven aside FIFA Referees. We have emphasised Integrity, Fitness and Performance when on duty. I’m confident that this is a determined group that has undergone various trainings and ready to execute their work.” He said.

Here is a complete list of the 24 Ugandan FIFA Certified Referees 2023;

Male Centre Referees: Mashood Ssali, Ali Sabilla Chelangat, William Oloya, Lucky Razaake Kasalirwe and George Olemu

Male Assistant Referees: Ronald Katenya, Okello Lee, Isa Masembe, Hakim Mulindwa, Emmanuel Okudra and Timothy Gumisiriza Karusigarira

Futsal Referees:Brian Emmy Nsubuga and Isaac Sengendo

Beach Soccer: Ivan Kintu Bayige, Muhammad Ssenteza, Kennedy Kawagga Bazirio and Joel Chote Munyendoh

Female Centre Referees: Shamirah Nabadda, Habiba Naigaga and Diana Murungi

Female Assistant Referees: Lydia Nantabo Wanyama, Marex Nakitto Nkumbi, Jane Mutonyi and Elizabeth Nassolo

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