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Uganda’s National Football Philosophy and Playing Style

FUFA through the Football Development Directorate is making wide consultations from Ugandans and beyond about which football philosophy and playing style should be applied.

The New Technical Master Plan for 2023- 2030 is set to be a game-changer for Ugandan football, and one of its key components is formulating a national football philosophy and playing style.

As part of this vital process, football enthusiasts and stakeholders like you are
invited to participate in selecting the best XI players ever to represent the Uganda National team. This is inline with tracing our glorious past in shaping the future of Uganda national teams.

How To Take Part

FUFA has designed a dedicated web system where you can submit your choices for the best 3 players ever in each field position irrespective of playing formation.

This is an all-engaging
activity is to recall the past glory of Uganda Cranes and selection of players who have left a lasting legacy.

Please click this link to access the special web page

Submission period

Please note that, this web system shall only be open until November 30, 2023 to which any submission received therein shall be tabulated to name the best ever 11 players of the national team.

FUFA appreciate in advance your valued involvement and submission that will be captured and documented in the process.

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