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URA in Khartoum awaiting Saturday ‘verdict’


URA (0) Al-Ahly Shandi (1)

Ports (0) Express (0)

Electric (3) Rayon Sport (3)


3:00 pm: Vital’O Vs Elman

5:00 pm: APR Vs El-Merreikh

URA’s Goalkeeper Yasin Mugabi fights for an aerial ball against an opponent in Kadguli stadium

Express FC failed to impress during their first game when they registered a goalless draw against lowly ranked Ports FC at El-Fasher stadium on Thursday afternoon.

Elsewhere URA succumbed to pressure in the dying minutes of the game to lose it 1-0 to Al-Ahly Shandi away in Kadguli.

CECAFA organizing committee will not pronounce itself on the two qualifying clubs from the Kadguli based group ‘C’ until the last match is played on Saturday.

The results of Saturday’s fixture between home boys Al- Hilal (Kadguli) and Al- Ahly Shandi from Khartoum will determine the occupants of the two slots into this year’s Cecafa-Kagame quarter finals. The winners will be airlifted to El-Fashir City where all knockout matches will be hosted.

URA who won their opening match against Al-Hilal 1-0 on Tuesday lost on the same margin to Al-Ahly Shandi yesterday. This leaves the group into serious mathematics in determining the two qualifying clubs.

Cecafa General secretary Nicholas Musonye on Thursday arranged a special flight for URA FC immediately after their last group stage match and they are currently camped in Khartoum until after tomorrow’s match.

If Al-Ahly Shandi beats Al-Hilal on any margin, URA and Shandi will automatically advance to the next round and a draw of any kind still leaves the same two clubs in advantageous positions. In case of a win for Al-Hilal with more than a goal without conceding any, then they qualify with URA and leave Shandi out.

The worst scenario will however emerge when Al-Hilal wins with a 1-0 margin. This will imply that the organizing committee determines the two qualifiers on a toss of a coin since all the three clubs will have won and lost their matches on the same margins.

URA only needed to force a draw against Shandi in yesterday’s match to get out of this mathematics but succumbed to pressure in the dying minutes of the game. They now have to keep their hands crossed for the results that favour their qualification.

Inn today’s fixture, Vital’O plays Elman as Rwandese army side APR takes on homeboys El-Merreikh in El-Fasher main stadium.

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