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We faced a good side-Bobby

After the 1-1 draw between Uganda Cranes and Senegal, Coach Bobby Williamso and Senegal’s Marie Loto spoke to the CAF Online news journalist and below were their responses:  What is your take on the match?

Bobby: This was as we expected a very tactical game, these Senegalese players are top class. They are a very good football side also. But we don’t like losing at home so we kept going on and finally rewarded.  Your team looked jaded and passes were going astray in the first half what was happening?

Bobby: I think we must give respect to  the opposition, look at their defenders and compare to our strikers. They are big, strong and athletic and played their part and they worked hard to stop us getting into our stride. But I am very proud of the players and hope the fans also do the same.  The team’s fortunes seem to have changed when you made substitutes?

Bobby: As I have said in the past we have depth and those who came in would have been good enough to start. I always want to get fresh legs on the pitch and this time round I did that.  They troubled the opposition and Massa (Geofrey) earned a penalty.


 We were the better team- Senegal coach – Marie Loto  What have you to say about the match which your team nearly lost

 Loto: Everybody in the stadium saw Senegal was the better side and we should have won. We came here to win and we were winning until the penalty. But a point for us away is not bad we still have another match in Dakar.  You speak as though you know what the outcome will be in Dakar?

Loto: No, No only God  knows what will happen in Dakar. Our job is to play football and thats what we came out to do here. We had better players and better team as well. That is why am confident we shall do well in Dakar.  Don’t you think you wasted a lot of chances which would have put the team in a strong position?


Loto: Yes it is always good to take your chances and put some distance between you and the opposition but give opposition (Uganda Cranes) credit for coming back in the game. But there is still a lot of work to be done still.




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