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Women Football: Mwanda & Kawempe Muslim excel at the 2016 FUFA Independence Day Football Championship

2016 FUFA Women Football Independence Day Championship:

Final (Clubs): Kawempe Muslim FC 1 – 0 Ajax FC coming

Final (Secondary):  Kawempe Muslim FC  1  – 0 Town View S.S

Final (Primary):  Kakira P/S  0 – 1  Mwanda P/S

Mwanda Primary School and Kawemple Muslim Secondary School excelled at the fourth edition of FUFA Women Independence Day Football Championship held at Namalemba in Iganga District.

The fully funded tournament by the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) comprised of teams from FUFA Women Elite League, Secondary and Primary schools from different parts of Uganda.

Three secondary schools namely Kawempe Muslim S.S, Busembatia S.S and Town View Secondary School all competed in this year’s edition while the four primary schools which participated comprised of Kakira , Mwanda, Namalemba  and Busembatia Primary School from different FUFA regions.

Only two clubs from the FUFA Elite Women League took part (Kawempe Muslim FC and Ajax FC ).

They were joined by another independent team, Kyambogo University women football club.

For the second successive year running, Kawempe Muslim Secondary School Women Football team exhibited class in defending this year’s FUFA Women Independence Day Football Championship having outclassed Town View S.S in heated final after sole effort from Stella Musubika separated the both sides.

Kawempe Muslim Football Club player celebrate a goal

In the club’s final, Kawempe Muslim Football Club edged Ajax 1-0 to defend the title for the second successive year running, a feat that delighted the head coach Moses Nkata.

“I am thrilled that we defended this trophy now let’s fight to take it for keeps next when we won it for the 3rd time.” noted Nkata.


Positive trend of development:

The seeds of women football sown over the years have indeed cast women football in Uganda into the limelight.

As attested by the Chairperson of the Uganda Women Football Associations (UWFA) Efrance Nanjego, she is glad with the trend of women football in the country;

First of all, I want to thank FUFA majorly for their unconditional support towards women football in Uganda and without FUFA I know we would be not having such activities like this in the country.

Also, let me thank those teams which came from far as Kampala to participate in this years edition.

Nanjengo’s voice was equally well re-echoed by Haruna Wanume the chairman L.C III of Namalemba Sub County.

Wanume graced the tournament as the chief guest and he lauded FUFA for the initiative as he also appealed to the feminine gender to take upon the beautiful game;

I thank FUFA for having chosen Namalemba to host this women tournament as I couldn’t imagine women playing football like men but am surprised.

Let’s emulate from these established teams to start up ours too. Let’s also have one club in the FUFA Women Elite League.

Kawempe Women Football Team is the most successful team having won it now on two respective occasions.

Some of the trophies, balls and other prizes that were given out to the outstanding players and teams at the 2016 FUFA Women Football tournament


Most Valuable Player:

Secondary school category: Brenda Nakayenga (Kawempe Muslim S.S)



Club Category: Kakira



CLUB GROUP: Ajax Ladies, Kawempe Muslim FC, Kyambogo University

SECONDARY SCHOOL GROUP: Kawempe Muslim S.S, Busembatia S. S, Town View S. S

PRIMARY SCHOOL GROUP: Kakira P/S, Mwanda P/S, Busembatia P/s, Namalemba P/S



Kawempe Muslim SS  2  Vs 0 Busembatia SS – Naigombwa Play Ground

Town View Sec School 0 Vs  0 Kawempe S S – Namalemba Play ground

Busembatia S. S  0  Vs 2 Town View S.S – Naigombwa Play Ground


Kawempe Muslim 1 – 0 Town View SS


Kawempe Muslim FC 1 Vs 0     Ajax  FC – Namalemba Play ground

Kyambogo University   0  Vs    2  Ajax – Naigombwa Play Ground

Kawempe Muslim FC  1       Vs    0     Kyambogo University –  Naigombwa Play Ground


Ajax FC 0-1 Kawempe Muslim FC


Kakira  P/S  0 –  0 Mwanda P/S

Namalemba  P/S  1   –  1   Busembatia P/S – Namalemba Play ground

Kakira P/S  1  –  0  Busembatia P/S  –  Naigombwa Play Ground

Namalemba P/S  0   –  3   Mwanda  P/S –  Namalemba Play ground

Kakira P/S  2   –   0   Namalemba P/S –  Naigombwa Play Ground

Mwanda P/s  3   – 0  Busembatia P/S –  Namalemba Play ground


Kakira 0 – 1 Mwanda

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