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Share the acquired knowledge with the rest of the football fraternity – Rogers Mulindwa urges media

The first-ever workshop designed by FUFA for Club media officers of women clubs in the top flight, second tier and women football reporters climaxed on Friday 7th October 2022 at the FUFA Technical Centre Njeru.

Rogers Byamukama poses with the female participants

The Deputy Executive Secretary of the FUFA Marketing and Communications unit Rogers Mulindwa presided over the closing ceremony. He presented Certificates of attendance to the participants who successfully completed the course.

The three-day educational course was organised under the FIFA Women’s League Development Programme with specific attention on improving capacity building for the personnel handling media, Communications and marketing aspects of the clubs featuring in the FUFA Women Super League and FUFA Women Elite League and reporters of women football.

FUFA Deputy CEO-Football Decolas Kiiza while making the closing remarks thanked the participants who sacrificed their time to attend the three-day training.

‘You have been taken through various educational materials in the three days you have been in Njeru. You must now be aware that we have three goals to score in Governance, Sport and in Business. We now need a number of things to be able to do this. One of them is the hard way but most importantly the human resources as well. For you to have sacrificed these three days, on this particular course it is a very good initiative towards our mission of enhancing and creating more people aware especially the human resource for us to be able to score the other goals’ noted Kiiza.

“We want to thank FIFA because, under this program which was 100% sponsored by FUFA, it was through a FIFA program for League Development that we secured this course. We want to express our gratitude to the FUFA President and his Executive for having this collaborative initiative to support the FUFA Women Super League. We want to pledge as always that all these resources will not be put to waste. We want to ensure that people trained will be needed to support the League. The students will become our ambassadors for further development towards women football. We shall have more of these courses and ensure to attend when you are invited or called upon such that you come and have more knowledge’ added Kiiza.

The Deputy Executive Secretary of the FUFA Marketing and Communications unit Rogers Mulindwa delivered the FUFA Presidents message on the final day of the training.

Rogers Mulindwa

‘I bring you greetings from the FUFA President & he congratulates you all upon the success you have registered during the three days course. I thank all our instructors and as the Federation, we are fully committed to continue sharing with you knowledge. I urge all the participants to prioritize marketing & communication because they are key in achieving our vision of becoming the number one footballing nation in Africa on & off the field. It is very important as media officers to follow the principles of communication when you go back to execute duties at your various clubs. On behalf of the Federation, we thank FIFA for the continuous support of Women Football in Uganda. This year, FIFA funded a Club licensing Workshop for Women Football & it was successful. We also thank FUFA for the continued support towards Women Football. I now officially declare the three day Women Football Marketing & Communication workshop closed’ said Mulindwa.

The day’s final presentation was on match organisation handled by CAF General Coordinator Ali Mwebe which highlighted planned activities from pre-match, match day and post-match with set targets.

‘Match organisation requires planning from the smallest details to the biggest consideration. Perfection of a match is everyone’s effort and requires teamwork. Everyone attached to the club must be involved in preparations and organization but need to be informed about targets. Preparation, timing, budgeting, distribution of responsibilities according to abilities and teamwork are always key for a successful match’ remarked Mwebe

A vote of thanks by Apio Gloria Nicole on behalf of the participants. She thanked the Federation for such an amazing workshop which is targeted to develop women football.

Apio Gloria Nicole

‘We would like to thank FUFA as most of us came here with little knowledge. Standing before you I wouldn’t imagine that someday I would be here at FUFA Technical Centre in Njeru sharing football knowledge with my colleagues in the field of media. The main aim for this workshop was to learn and gain more knowledge on marketing and communication. It will help us to promote women’s football through our balanced stories that we cover about the game’ noted Apio.

The workshop was graced by high-profile instructors in the field of marketing (Rogers Byamukama), communication (Ahmed Hussein), match organization (Ali Mwebe), administration (Ronnie Kalema and Kiiza Decolas, Refereeing (Ronnie Kalema) security and safety (Humphrey Mandu).

Each theory class was followed by a practical session conducted at the Technical Centre and participants were awarded certificates.

They included Gladys Zawedde, Aminah Namutebi, Aminah Babirye, Margret Trexsoner Nabbona, Gloria Nicole Apio, Amatulah Nabukeera, Faridah Tomusange Nassejje, Priscilla Namikka, Jazirah Kansiime, Judith Tuhirirwe, Hamuza Waiswa, Ali Ssewanyana, Swaib Mbuga, Sinan Rajub Ssenoga, Hamza Ssali, Isma Mivule, Hambali Majojo, Andrew Talenga, Edwin Waiswa, Shafic Mutebi, Haba Plan Uwizera, Hassan Kirunda, Steven Mayanja, Godfrey Kakungulu, Yona Omara, Joshua Bachwa Abwoli, Abbey Munwyevu, Collins, Arop Stanslas, Phillip Dexer Muhumuza, Banur Kintu, Issa Ssempijja, Samuel Ochora Oryem, John Baptist, Opua, Godfrey Nsingwire and Onyango Gilbert.

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